You’ll Be Glad You Struggled

The rain always stops.

When you’re in the midst of something difficult, it’s nearly impossible to look past it. To think about what it will be like when the storm ends and the sun comes back out.

The hardest part about life’s typical and atypical struggles is that they keep so many of us from writing what we want to write … or prevent us from writing at all.

When I’m having a bad day, I almost always end up turning what I’m frustrated with into a blog post. Because once my mind is fixated on something, it’s hard not to.

Plus, I often have this underlying desire to give other people something they can relate to when they’re also struggling with life. I figure, if I’m going through it, there’s no way I’m the only one, regardless of how different every individual’s experiences with similar issues might be.

There’s one benefit of being a writer you might not think about that often. And it’s that even though you might not always have the easiest time doing what you do, you’re more capable than many of putting your frustrations and disappointments into words.

And those words can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Even if they never tell you so. You just never know.

Because your struggles aren’t just yours. They’re likely someone else’s, too.

And if there’s any part of you that wants nothing more than to help other people, then it’s your hardest times that are going to provide you with the tools and motivation to do that.

No struggle lasts forever. When it ends, there are always lessons learned. There’s always wisdom gained. You almost always come out of it stronger than you were before.

After it rains, you can jump in the puddles.

You can start letting your creativity flow freely again.

You can get back to writing things that make you feel alive and purposeful.

And when you do take what you’ve endured and turn it into something beautiful, others can benefit from it the way you wished you could have when you were going through it.

As a writer, you have more power than you likely realize.

Use it. Do good things. Change the world one word, one blog post, one novel at a time.

Your struggle is real. But there are ways to get through it and keep writing.

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