This Is What I, a Writer, Am Afraid Of.

There are many things. Here are 12.

1. Never being taken seriously.

2. Never having enough time to write all the things I desperately want to write.

3. Constantly writing things other people don’t “get” and not knowing what to do about it.

4. Agreeing to write something for all the wrong reasons.

5. Spending my whole life trying to reach a writing goal that I’ll never end up reaching.

6. Spending my whole life writing for clients and others who don’t value my work beyond how much money it might make them.

7. Working so hard that it becomes so overwhelming that I start to hate writing and I just quit.

8. Accidentally writing something that genuinely hurts someone (beyond just “offending” someone).

9. Being told I don’t know anything about what I’m writing about because of my gender (or any other vulnerable group I might belong to).

10. Losing sight of why I keep doing what I am doing.

11. Forgetting that I deserve to succeed because of how much effort I pair with my passion.

And the thing I fear the absolute most as a writer …

12. Finding a typo in the first published copy of my own book.

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