12 Truths All Writers Must Never Forget

1. Inspiration isn’t something you find; inspiration finds you.

1. Inspiration isn’t something you find; inspiration finds you.

2. It’s OK if writing is just your hobby. It’s also OK if you really want it to be your job.

3. You don’t have to be good at writing to become a writer. You do have to improve in order to succeed.

4. The only person who decides whether or not you continue pursuing writing is you.

5. You’re going to spend a lot of time writing things no one else will ever read. This is normal. It’s also the perfect opportunity to learn and grow.

6. Many accomplished writers aren’t confident in their work or even their success. That doesn’t stop them from writing. It shouldn’t stop you.

7. You open yourself up to criticism every time you publish something. This isn’t always a bad thing.

8. Just because you write about a certain topic doesn’t mean you always have to have all the answers. It’s OK to recommend further reading if you don’t know how to respond to someone’s question.

9. Writing is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. Not all challenges have to be roadblocks.

10. Getting published isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find a good channel for your work.

11. Sometimes you’re going to have to be your own cheerleader. That’s OK. Self-support and encouragement is better than none.

12. If writing is a thing you want to do, then you can do it. It’s going to take work and it’s not always going to be easy. That does not mean it’s impossible.

Meg is the creator of Novelty Revisions, dedicated to helping writers put their ideas into words. She is an editor and writer, and a 12-time NaNoWriMo winner. Follow Meg on Twitter for tweets about writing, food, and Star Wars.

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4 thoughts on “12 Truths All Writers Must Never Forget

  1. Nice encouraging advice – except I would add to #11 that it is all the time we have to have self support and monitor the self talk. Our self efficacy underpins most endeavors –
    And I would also just add that we also write for the writing process itself – which I think was layered in there – and we have our own approach and signature vibe that will permeate our writing once we hone our craft and get flow…

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