16 thoughts on “Feel Like You’re Not Actually Getting Any Writing Done? Try This.

  1. Thanks for reminding me to forgive myself. This week has been more tiring than usual for me and it feels nice to remember that everyone fails and that we must forgive ourselves. I rarely do it. But I will. Haha

    1. You are correct – everyone falls short of their own expectations! But I wouldn’t call it ‘failing’ necessarily. More like, didn’t quite get to where you wanted to be this time, but there’s hope for improvement next time. haha :)

    1. Well stop that :) We all have those moments though. I’m behind on so many projects right now…does it feel great? Nope. But do you know what? It’s going to get done when it gets done. I know I’ll enjoy it much more if I take my time. With some things, at least. That’s not to say you should never push yourself. You just don’t -always- have to.

      1. I’m working on it :-) I didn’t publish today but didn’t feel so bad because I spent a few hours redesigning my blog.

        I remembered what you said and told myself “meh… I’ve posted more this week than I normally do plus I’m still working on something blog related. I can forgive myself.”

        It made a world of difference

      2. That is so good to hear. :) I didn’t do any work yesterday, it felt pretty awful. But I had a great day and eventually I just accepted that I’d get it done today and it would be OK. And it was! Sometimes you have to still consider that a victory anyway.

      3. Absolutely! I’m working on a review and I’m going to schedule it to post tomorrow because later tonight the 20th season of SNAPPED starts and there’s no way I’m gonna miss that lol. It’s my treat to myself for a hard week of blogging :-) It’s always nice to treat yourself even for small victories. It’s a great way to stay motivated on the days you’re not feeling so awesome.

      4. Netflix only has the sequel?? Lame. Haha I will still get around to watching it though – I’ve been meaning to! I’ll let you know my reactions haha.

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